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Simcenter 3D 2312 Aeroelasticity

SeanW April 5, 2024 Waddle | April 2024 | 5 minute watchSeveral of the past versions of Simcenter 3D for Aerostructures has improved a combined model workflow for Aeroelasticity.…

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Simcenter 3D 2312 FEM and Margin of Safety Highlights

SeanW March 22, 2024 Waddle | March 2024 | 5 minute watchVersion 2312 of Simcenter 3D for Aerostructures covers a lot of disciplines. This video will cover the highlights…

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FEMAP 2401 Highlights

SeanW March 18, 2024 Waddle | March 2024 | 4 minute watchWith the March release of Siemens Simcenter Femap Version 2401, Abaqus Users, Fluid Mechanics Professionals, as well as…

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Why partner with MTech?

MTech is a Siemens partner specializing in simulation solutions, Simcenter FEMAP and Simcenter3D.  As value added reseller (VAR) we are uniquely experienced to bring original equipment manufacturer quality engineering services paired with Siemens simulation solutions.

We are process automation focused.  We bring this automation mindset to each challenge we face.  Our automation successes include providing 500+ unique analysis combinations from parametric CAD through detailed stress characterization using dynamic FBD location identification.  We use advanced design space exploration to process and solve each configuration in seconds.

We’ve developed over 250 software applications to automate and optimize simulation processes.  These tools realized an 80% increase in simulation process throughput. 

Our engineers provide analysis and simulation services leading to multiple vehicle platform certifications and they’ve been doing it since NASTRAN output was delivered in reams of paper sufficient to fill a half-ton truck bed.  Our product optimization capabilities allow for analysis of hundreds of product configurations per day reducing the feedback loop to one that is nearly continuous resulting in the right product the first time.

We enable our customers to realize increased engineering process throughput while maintaining strict standards of verification and validation.