Verification and Optimization of Advanced Finite Element Modeling Techniques for Complex Submarine Hull Structures

Jason Jarman | January 2023                                                                                                                                                                                            15 minute watch

Developing efficient and effective submarine structures requires detailed numerical simulation using finite element model (FEM) analysis. However, disagreements between design agencies on FEM requirements and interpretation have led to delayed schedules and increased costs.

Our solution mitigates conflicts by developing guidelines for FEM procedures for complex submarine structures, including large hull penetrations. The procedures are established through an integrated system of analyses and validated by innovative testing. To date, the process has been applied to guidelines for submarine bulkhead taper geometry and correlated to pressure tests.

MTech specializes in the design, analysis, and certification of complex structures for commercial and DoD customers. Our goal is to transition this technology to ensure reliable, effective development and evaluation of FEM analysis for future submarine programs, such as SSN(X).

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